Meet the Authors

Lacie and Patti welcome invitations to speak to groups, churches and ministries. Together, they lead praise and worship and love the opportunity to share their gifts with others. They speak about the book and how God is using it to change lives. Having each been given a gift on intercession, they also love the chance to pray with and for others. And, of course, they are available for book signings.

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Lacie Stevens

Lacie Stevens

Lacie is a woman of deep faith whose love of The Lord is evident in her overflowing joy and generosity. God gave her a love of books from an early age, and she has always dreamed about writing a book herself. That has never changed throughout the many transitions in her life including living in many places in the United States and living abroad for a season. It also includes her work life during which she was a model, a financial advisor and now a part of the Generous Giving team which shares the message of the joy of biblical generosity. Unlike so many, Lacie has the incredible blessing to work in a career which combines two of her greatest passions: her faith and her commitment to spreading the message about the unbridled joy that comes from being a generous giver.

Lacie lives out her faith through service. She has served on numerous retreat teams, and serves as a praise and worship leader in disability ministries, including Joni and Friends. She is a speaker and presenter at events hosted by Women Doing Well, a ministry which equips women to live and give in God’s image.

Although Lacie continues to love to travel, she has called South Florida home for almost 30 years. She is mom to two amazing teenaged boys.

Her heart’s desire is to become the woman God has called her to be, and is allowing Him to take her out of her comfort zone. She longs to be bold, confident, and courageous. She is generous with her words, her talents, her time, and the resources God has entrusted to her. 

Patti Velasquez

Patti Velasquez


Patti has loved books since she first began reading. (Dr. Seuss was, and continues to be, a favorite.) At 12, she was working on what she knew was going to be a best seller. Her love of books and words has truly been a life-long passion.

That passion served her well throughout her education and in her various careers in the legal profession. She practiced law, served as a magistrate in family court in Palm Beach County, Florida, and now mediates family and civil cases.

By God’s abundant grace, her greatest passion is now her love of The Lord and His Word. Patti has served extensively in church leadership and as a praise and worship leader. She has served on retreat weekends for women, high school girls, college women, the disability community and in prisons. Patti is a huge fan of Generous Giving and is committed to living a life of radical generosity. She is the national prayer director of Women Doing Well, a ministry which equips women to live and give in God’s image. She also was one of the founding members of StrikeForce 421, the first Christian women’s giving circle in South Florida.

Patti regards re-writing God Calling to be a wonderful privilege as well as a beautiful example of God’s overwhelming generosity that He fulfill the heart’s desire of that 12 year old girl many years ago. She is humbled and overwhelmed to be on this amazing journey.