God Calling in the Checkout Lane

We had wrapped up an organizational meeting for the first Christian women’s giving circle in South Florida. As usual, we proceeded to a time of fellowship over dinner. Two of us had the gift of cooking and hospitality. The other two of us have the gift of shopping. So Kathy and I went off to the store to provision for dinner, complete with a list as we were not to be trusted with menu planning. We embarked on our mission which included buying baby bok choy. Neither one of us had a clue what that was! But we were determined to succeed.

Our hearts for generosity brought our little group together, but the process of starting a corporation had dampened our enthusiasm a bit. We had forgotten how much fun giving is. So when we reached the checkout, I insisted on paying for our treasures including the new-to-us baby bok choy. Kathy protested. “I need to buy something!” So I handed her the baby bok choy. When she found that to be a ridiculous suggestion, I retrieved it and suggested instead that she buy the groceries for the lady standing behind us on line. She jumped on that idea, quickly offering to pay for her groceries. Robbie accepted, explaining that although she would not accept such an offer from a stranger, she was going to accept today. She explained her change of heart: she had just read about receiving in her daily devotional, God Calling. 

Kathy introduced me as one of the editors of the newly released modern day version of God Calling. The cashier and other shoppers had seen and overheard the entire transaction. All of us were amazed how God had arranged that divine appointment. We finished our transactions and went to the parking lot where we prayed together over Robbie’s struggles. Robbie left refreshed and renewed with her groceries as a gift from Kathy and a brand new, autographed book from me. Kathy and I left with our hearts full and our joy of generosity rekindled. And I was once again amazed how God continues to use this precious book to bless His children.