In case you have never noticed, God has an exquisite sense of humor and impeccable timing. He is never late. (But He misses some fine opportunities to be early in the opinion of one of your authors.)

The Walk to Emmaus is a spiritual retreat which takes place hundreds of times each year all around the world. In 1990, Patti made her Walk. Almost a decade later, Lacie made her Walk where Patti had attended. Each of them was profoundly impacted by their encounter with the living Christ over the three day experience. In order to make this experience available for others, they each served on numerous teams. Yet during the more than 5 years they were each serving, they never met until 2005 when they were called to serve on the same team. Their friendship grew as they served, praised, worshipped and prayed together.

After that Emmaus weekend, their friendship continued to grow. One’s of Lacie’s love languages is giving gifts. The first gift she ever gave Patti? God Calling, of course. 

God Calling had been a part of Lacie’s daily time with God. She loved it so much, she was in the habit of buying multiple copies and giving them away on a very frequent basis. It soon became part of Patti’s daily time of study and prayer, and she, too, fell in love with its beautiful messages.

Then God started messing with them. Lacie thought, this really needs to be rewritten so that it is much clearer. When God nudged her that He wanted her to do it, she concluded that since Patti was a good writer, it would make sense for this to be a joint project. It had already dawned on Patti that someone needed to do for God Calling what had been done for My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. When she mentioned this to God in her prayer time, she heard Him say, “That would be you.” Being the incredibly obedient woman of faith that she was then, she immediately dismissed the notion. Until three weeks later, when Lacie boldly suggested the possibility of the two of them undertaking the project together. Although their friendship was still new, the calling could not be ignored. After all, hadn’t God originally given the messages to two women known only as the Two Listeners? And didn’t He send out His Disciples two by two?

With a great deal of reverence and a healthy dose of fear, the two of them set off on the adventure described in the Introduction to the book. You may ask, why those two women. Are they special? Super spiritual? No. Why them? They said, “Yes.”