At the same time God was guiding your authors on the path to rewrite this beloved devotional, He was also leading them of the path of biblical stewardship and generosity. At the invitation of a mutual friend, they attended an event called a Journey of Generosity which was sponsored by Generous Giving. Once again, an event over a few days was both life-changing and heart-changing. For the first time ever, they heard stories about people who were and are leading radically generous lives. Several videos were played, including one featuring Stanley Tam, a Christian businessman who gave his business to God. Another video was about Bill and Vonette Bright.  Each of these folks signed contracts with God which helped hold them accountable to promises which they made to Him.

Long before the book was completely rewritten, Lacie and Patti drew up and signed a contract with God. How handy that Patti is a lawyer! (Plus it saved on attorney’s fees.) Under that contract, God is the majority owner of God Calling. He owns 51%. That means that the first 51% from the net proceeds of the book and the app will first go to Kingdom work, with the balance being split. But that’s just the start. As sales continue to grow, they hope to reverse tithe on the income with 90% going to further the work and message of our Lord.

In all things connected to the book, their fervent prayer is that God will be praised and glorified for the work He is going to do in individual hearts and throughout His creation through this precious devotional.